GoldLeaf ACH Services

Big Horn Federal provides custom commercial ACH processing through the innovative technology of Gold LeafACH. GoldLeaf serves as a secure electronic link between you and Big Horn Federal -- your Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI or FI). It allows you to create one-time and recurring transactions like direct deposit payroll credits for your employees and direct debit billing drafts for your customers. You can create transactions to move funds among your own accounts or to send payment-related information to your trading partners. Recently introduced transactions, such as check conversion for accounts receivable and NSF checks, can be originated with this application. In addition, you can upload complete transaction files and send them to Big Horn Federal. Once you have created transactions, Big Horn Fed picks them up, checks them for accuracy and timeliness, and then forwards them to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Operator for distribution to their respective account destinations.

Contact Bookkeeping in the Greybull branch for further information. (800) 927-7556 or (307) 765-4412.