Additional Services

On-line Internet Banking & Mobile Banking - It's FREE!

For fast, immediate, real-time access to your accounts, use Big Horn Federal's On-Line Internet Banking and Mobile Banking with Bill Payment. Day and night, you have unlimited access to your accounts through your personal computer and the Internet. Verify cleared checks, deposits and balances; make transfers and loan payments; view and print account statements and much, much more!

Apply on-line today for Big Horn Federal's On-Line Internet Banking and download the Mobile app


On-line Internet Bill Payment - It's FREE!

With Big Horn Federal's On-Line Internet Bill Payment you can pay all your bills electronically (within the United States). Bill Payment is FREE* (See specific account type disclosures and our Terms and Conditions for additional fee information and restrictions). In addition, you can choose to have your recurring bills paid automatically and even receive your bills electronically! (You must sign your Big Horn Federal checking account up for Internet Banking in order to take advantage of the Bill Payment option.)

See Big Horn Federal's online agreement for minimum PC requirements.


VISA® Debit Card

Some choices are using the VISA® Debit Card to make purchases directly from your Checking account without writing a check, and the ability to pick your own personal identification number (PIN). It's faster and more widely accepted... at millions of locations that accept VISA® Debit Cards.

It's More Convenient Than Checks.
Leave your checks at home. Simply present the VISA® Debit Card to make a purchase at any merchant that accepts VISA® Debit cards...gas stations, supermarkets, department stores, beauty salons and restaurants. Then use your PIN or sign the receipt and you're on your way. No more time-consuming check writing, requests for I.D., or waiting for check approvals.

It Offers Cash Access Around The World.
The VISA® Debit Card is an ATM Card, too. With the ability to select your own PIN, it gives you access to cash at any of the 750,000 VISA® Network ATMs, and from tellers at more than 400,000 financial institutions around the world that display the VISA® symbol. So, it's the perfect card to take with you across town or across continents.

It's A Better Way To Keep Track Of Your Purchases.
Since you can use the VISA® Debit Card for purchases, you don't need to carry as much cash. And, you have a better idea of how you spend your money because all the VISA® Debit Card purchases are itemized on your monthly Checking account statement.

It Has It All.
Ask to apply for your VISA® Debit Card when you open your Checking Account


ATM Card

Withdrawals, deposits, transfers, balance can do it all 24-hours a day, 365 days a year with your Big Horn Federal ATM card! We have several locations within the Big Horn Basin that will allow you FREE access (no withdrawal fee). Please see our ATM locations in the disclosures.

Your Free ATM card allows you to access cash at an Automated Teller Machine without making a special trip to the bank. Big Horn Federal is part of the CIRRUS & PLUS Network. You can use your ATM card to get cash wherever you see the CIRRUS brand. (You may receive up to $300 per day, based on available balance)

If you're out of cash, you don't have to panic...just use your ATM card.

NOTE: Refer to The Financial Transaction Card Cardholder Agreement (under Terms and Conditions) for more information.


Personal Assistant Telephone Banking

Our new and improved telephone access service provides immediate access to your accounts at any hour of the day or night with a touch-tone phone. You can access all of your Big Horn Federal accounts, obtain account balances, find out if a specific check or deposit was processed, transfer funds between accounts and much more!

Telephone Banking is very user friendly and will guide you almost automatically after entering your PIN. Simply respond by pushing the proper buttons on your touch-tone phone.

Access to your account is obtained through a combination of your social security number and your PIN. If  this is your first visit to Telephone Banking, enter the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account and reset your PIN.

  • Telephone Banking is available in English and Spanish
  • Call 307/765-4499 or toll-free, 800/765-SAVE (7283) to begin using Telephone Banking. We're at your fingertips!

Note: Omit the decimal point when entering dollars and cents (i.e., $500.00 is entered 50000). Regulation D, Federal Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions, apply.


Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit*, you can be anywhere you want to be with the reassurance that your funds have already been deposited.

Direct Deposit is the automatic deposit of your net pay, Social Security and other retirement or government checks into your designated account or accounts. Direct Deposit is effortless on your part. All you have to do is designate to which account you would like your funds deposited (BHF Routing #302373079).

You'll have easy access to your account with Direct Deposit. Your funds are available through any CIRRUS Network ATM, by writing a check, using your VISA Debit Card or by calling or visiting any Big Horn Federal office.

* Direct Deposit of net pay is not offered by all employers.